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Intragastric balloon placement and removal

Placement of the intragastric balloon is an extremely simple procedure performed within a period of no more than 1 hour and under very light sedation through the vein in which a balloon is inserted into the stomach by an endoscopy procedure through the mouth, which occupies much of the habitual capacity of the stomach.

Once it is inside the stomach cavity, it is filled with liquid, approximately between 500 cc. And 700 cc. According to the case of each patient.

The effects of the intragastric balloon already inside the stomach are:
• Feeling of fullness or satiety (when you are already satisfied after eating).
• Decreased speed of emptying of the stomach, prolonging that sensation of satiety.
• Decrease of the stomach capacity, doe to the object that does not allow to ingest the same amount of food as before.

It helps to activate Leptin, a hormone responsible for sending signals to the brain to stop eating when the stomach is already full, thus producing a mechanical-hormonal relationship between the stomach and the brain.

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